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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 2, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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taxes in maryllnd. what will pe costing ou more. on fox 45 news at five. 3mapp, belair295fibermap
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3 the recovery ccntinues. friday's massive stormss still havv more than a quarter of a million b-g-e customers
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without power.'s a look at the b-g-e's website... otal... anne arundel county... baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... howwrd county... harfood ccunty... the recovery continues. friday's massive storms a million b-g-e customers without powee. power. joel d. smith is live in northeast with the latest on the cleanup pnd how much longer so many will be in the dark. good morning joel . &pjoel d. (ad lib) schools, businessess traffic lights.... you name it, so many are still
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feeling theeresults of those nasty storms, and t lookk like it will take the rest of the week to restore power to aal. in so maay areas,,here's the storr now... ddwned trees still littering roads anddand backyards. power linee didn't staad a chhnce. b-g-e crews have estored power to more cussooers.... buu still nearly 250 thousand remain without power this morning. restooe power, to more oo an endurance test now.... and bareable. 3 2044 just sitting in thee basement..... hoping it will come back oo soon. 3040 it was a bit of a maze phougg, so many trees nooked down... gotten better each day. day..- 42 baltimore county public
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school buildings are without power and will be closed onn monday.many schools, offices, parking and walking areas are and other debris from frrday's - storm.staff members should gee inssructioos from heir principall about where to report for ork tomorrrw.anne arundel county has also cancelled all school-sponsored 3ctivities. . - 33 ive in towson, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. 3 3 3 3 3 the storm also hit virginia hard.thousandssof people.... suffered throughh triple diiit heat without power, over the we. weekend.theewinds knocking down power lines and trees.... settled ver the state. virginia's governor described the power outages as the worst non-hurricaae outage in the state's history. it coulddbe
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days before alllthe powee is killed at least seven people in the state. to help clean up the damage caused by these storms... thrre baltimore city fire companies slated to close over the weekend... will stay open for a few more days. days.megan gilliland is here officals aae using this extra time to argue why hey should stay open permanently. good morning guys,usually... department heads rely on when needed. but with this - storm... no ackup was availabl. available.12::3:04 "baltimore ccunty couudn't end unit in. thing. almost every truck was in use... responding to truck 10 in the ity... it's one of 3 fire companies that was supposed to shut down yesterday.they were eliiinnted in he final budget last week. put weekend storms delayed the inevitable... and city pfficials havv decided to extend opperations until after
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&pclock is ticking agaii. 13:50:00 "fireepeople, we need 'em. these guys work hard. you ddn'' need tt close them down."12:09:48 "we are here as insurance and we are ne" needed."while the mayor says cuus are needed... nion officials say they're still talking wwth citt hall trying theirrminds. commng uppnext half hour...the after five rowhomes collapped... and how unionn officials are using events like plea with the mayor.i'm megan gillillnd, fox455eaaly ediiioo. &ptoyota is recalling it's 2010 lexis line...because of faulty floor mats. mats.owners of the lexus repooted gas and brake pedals become jammed due to the fllor mats. the national hiihwaa transportation safety administtation asked the automaker to recall the vehicles.and aae now considering investigating toyota's handling of the &precall.more than 150 thhusand vehicces are recalled. engine nats nats2 driverssmake history at
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demonstration... of the sweltering heat in nashvvlle. she made hocolate chip cookie dough... and placed it n a baking pan on the dashboard of her car.afttr letting them bake in the sun for annhour... she tests them out. ((2-shot toss to weather)) (((d lib eteorologist)) &p 3
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((traffic reportee ad libs))map belair mapbelair295fiber8995maps
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&p3 3 3 3
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new details are revealed... concerning erry sanduuky. sandusky.find out what reports reveal.. about how the sex scandal thht rocked penn state... was initially handled. ((bump out)) çç with convicted serial child
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sex abbser jerrr sandusky bbhind bars, ttere are new
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questions about what penn stateeofficials kneww in particular, whethhr they covered up the incident with sandusky and a boy in the shower in 2001. susan candiotti has uncovered e- mails among p-s-u ooficials deciding whethhr to report the former assiitant football coach. and a warning...ssme of the informaaion may be disturbi. disturbing. cnn has been given details f four purported email exchanges ffom sources with knooledge of the case. raising new questionn about what penn state knew and when they knew pt. the e-mails are between penn state ppesident graham ppanier, vice presiient gary schultz, and athletic director tim curley discussing the now infamous 2001 shower incident whhre grad assistant mmke sexxally assaulting a young y - boy. the first email is dated his boos coach joe paterno to -
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about what he's seen in the shower. paterno tstified quote- "it was a sexual nature." by now, mcqueary testified he's told athletic director curley and vp schultz about exactly what he saw-- aa boy with his hands up against a waal with sandusky behind him. the purpprted e-mails don't mention sandusky y namee instead calling hhi "the subject" and person." in the first purported exchangee a ttree-part plan to qqote: "talk with the ubject ... contact the... charrtable organization (second mile) and contacting the ddpartment of welfare." that's an agency suspected abuse. yet, the next niiht, cuuley indicates a changeeof heart. he allegedly sends an email to penn state's president spanier and refers curley says he wants to talk o 3 thhngs over with sandusky and work with him before deciding
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whhther to contaat child welfare. he also reffrs to coach paterno. did someehing he said change curley's mind? puote: "aftee giving it ore thought and talkinn t over with joe yesterdayy i am uncomfortable with what we agreed were the next steps. i am having trouble with going &ppo everyone, but the person involvee. i would be more &pcomfortable eeting withhthe eeson and...ttll him about the the information we received... (and) tell him we are aware of first sittation he's referring to is a separate shower innident sandusky had with a boy in 1998. sandusky was not charged at the time. he was convicted oo both incidenns at trial. curley plans to tell ssndusky quote: "we feel there is a probbem" and offer... "professional help" and "at some point soon to inform his organization" ( ssndusky's second ile ) and quote: "maybe the other one."
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according to a source with knowledge of the e-mails, he's referring to child welfaree if "cooperative," curley writes, quote: "we would work wiih a choice and will inform tte two groups." two hours later, penn state's president purportedly responds and agrees with the approach. (quote) " am supportive," spanier writes. and adds tths: "theeonly downside for us is if thh message isn't ""eard" and acted upon, and we then becomm vulnerable for not having reported it. but hat ccn be assessed down thee roaa." spanier calls the plln "humane and a reasonable way to proceed." the next day, vp schultz weighh n with an alleged email to president spaniir and thletic director curley. quote: "this is a more haadle this," he writes. we will inform his organization with or wittout his cooperation... we can play by
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ear to decide about the other organization," another reference, a source says, too outside authorities. but that nevvr happenee. authorities say records show suspicions about andusky in 2001 were never reported to any outside agency. victim 5 was molested by sanduskyyin a penn state shower about six months after the mcqueary incident. aad sandusky later went to sexually abuse at least three &ptestifieddat trial. (standup) "curley and schultz are already charged with perjury and failure to rrport suspected child abuse. they charged. spanier's lawyer did not return repeattd calls for comment. lawyers for curley statement to cnn: quote: "as governoo tom corbett stated, "if we were going to o this case, we had to have the best
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&ppossible case to go against somebody like mr. sandussy who was .. loved byyeverybody." for cuuley, schultz, spanier and paterno, the respoosible and "humanee thing to do was, like governor corbett, to carefflly and responsibly pssess the best way to handll vague, but troubling allegattons. faced with tough situations, good peoppe try to do their best to make the right decisions." spokesman for joe paterno's familyysays paterno did the right thinn, repooted to his boss what mcqueary told him. the spokesman said quote: trutha and joe told the truth." several state and federal investigations remain underway. in new york, susan candiotti reporting.. -----end-----cnn.script----- thousaads are still wwthout power this morning... after friday's powerfullstorms stormshow many of yyu are
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claimed... how many thousands are without power thhs challenges you'll face getting to work this morning. and storms delay the inevitable for three fire companiessslattd to much longer they'll be heeping in the recovery effort and how to make it permanent.ighting &paerosmith nats natsan